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The World's Oldest Rock

The world's oldest known rock type is Acasta gneiss, discovered near Canada's Slave Lake in 1989. It was created 4.0 billion years ago originally as tonalite, but later transformed into gneiss. Until 1989 the world's oldest rock was the 3.8 billion years old Amitsoq gneiss, found in Isua, Greenland.

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Exibit Contents
01The World's Oldest Mineral
02The World's Oldest Rock
03Pillow Lava
05Banded Iron Formations
07Grypania spiralis
09Mino Belt
10Kamiaso Conglomerate
11Japan's Oldest Rock
12CHIME Dating
13The Original Home of Japan's Oldest Rocks
14Hichiso and the Radiolaria
15Geological Model